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Gottie is a fangirl for Loch & Ness, a TV show about paranormal detectives. She’s convinced that two of the male actors are secretly dating, and she’ll stop at nothing to prove it. When her online investigations accidentally uncover far more than she expects, she becomes complicit in secrets beyond just a romantic conspiracy theory.

An internet thriller told in a ‘true crime’ style recollection of events, the novel includes social media extracts such as modern Tumblr posts and early-noughties LiveJournal blog entries.

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What people are saying about An Unauthorised Fan Treatise:

An Unauthorised Fan Treatise is the innovative crime novel serialisation / internet culture crossover we never knew we needed. I’ve been reading it week by week, and it’s kept me hooked for months. Full of twists and turns and good old fashioned fandom drama, Lauren James has created a truly unique piece of YA fiction.” – Jen on Goodreads

“absolutely addictive, creepy and exciting. at times i got so lost in the story i forgot that the characters aren’t real. would highly recommend this to anyone who loves reading fandom essays/treatises!” – Julie on Goodreads

“Lauren is a genius and this was the messy fandom hijinks love letter I never knew I needed.” – Charlie on Goodreads

“I loved it. It’s full of the things that make me love anything Lauren James writes: intrigue right from the start, sketchy characters, and plot twists galore. Throw in an unreliable narrator and a few conspiracy theories and you’ve got something that is impossible to not come back to week after week to see what happens next in the Gottie Writes saga. It’s an exploration of toxic fan culture, the power of the web (and you shouldn’t believe everything you read) — oh, and there’s a murder mystery, too. How can you not be intrigued?!” – Charlotte on Goodreads

“An absolutely pitch-perfect portrayal of fandom by an author obviously fluent in fan culture. It made me deeply nostalgic for my LiveJournal days. I devoured it and I hope it starts a trend of novels about fandom told in the form of social media posts.” – Lizzy on Goodreads

“James understands fandom. Even fictionalized this is the most accurate depiction of fandom I’ve ever read about and I would love for James to write more based around fandom. James understands the obsession, the memes, and the love and sometimes scary world of fandom. Of what can happen when you piss off the wrong person in your fandom, if you ship something no one else does, if your opinion differs or your theories don’t align with the rest of the fandom. Fandom can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be toxic.” – Sarah on Goodreads

“Gottie is the girl you love to hate. She makes so many unbelievable choices throughout the course of the story but it’s impossible to turn away as she uncovers secrets about Rob’s own online past. It’s an excellent exploration of fandom culture, especially the examinations of what fannish behaviour is okay and what borders on stalking or harassment. This is definitely one of the most nuanced representations I’ve seen of online culture and I applaud Lauren for the effort she put into it.” – Em on Goodreads

“This reinvents the 19th century serialised novel for our times.” – Jane on Goodreads

“This is an excellent novel, both from a story perspective and for its incredible experimental format. Full of twists and turns, like any good murder mystery, the story keeps you guessing right up to the final chapter, and doubles as a fascinating look at the darker side of internet fandom.” – Isobel on Goodreads

  • so EXCITED its so good already!!!!! so fresh and funky i love the concept and the format so much!!!!!!
  • if you love fandom stories you gotta check this out
  • love how crazy the characters in this are omg 
  • I am SO INTO THIS it feels exactly like the investigations that happened on LJ back in the day, so excited to see where it goes!
  • I love this I kept trying to click the links
  • Omg ok so I love a good internet fandom related sleuthing as much as the next person, and wonderful clever has distilled all that into serialised fiction that I am already hooked on
  • This is so freaking cool! Such an awesome idea and I’m already SUPER invested!
  • She’s done it again! I am invested in this whole universe wow! Gottie is low key annoying but I’m still incredibly invested in her. 
  • is VERY entertaining and nails the fandom aspect
  • not gonna lie, i’ve starting looking forward to monday simply so i can read another chapter for an unauthorised fan treatise by lauren james
  • popcorn.gif
  • you’re really nailing the fandom voice and i’m already trying to figure out the plot reveals!
  • is so good honestly
  • to learn more about loml anya  gonna be some kind of announcement that anya and nathan are dating
  •  Me, one chapter into an unauthorised fan treatise: oh-no I’m attached! (Seriously though, my curiosity is through the roof.)
  • THIS UPDATE WAS SO GOOD!!!! i still don’t know how i feel about Gottie, like i love her dedication, and she seems super sensible but i just can’t wait to see how her character develops!! AND the comment about plagiarising a fic has got me HOOKED. i’m so intrigued!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Everyone stop what you’re doing and read this right now
  • love this idea so much  once again hashtag justice for anya   anya is the “bad guy” or whatever i swear to god
  • #we’re on chapter SIX and shes already going to their house#officer take the shot#i hope theyre straight just to spite her
  • shit this is getting intense#it’s so good!!
  • this chapter is WILD oh my god
  • The fact this is being posted once a week is actual torture whyyyyyyy
  • boi this story is 👌👌👌 the way its written like gottie will just say shit in the most casual way and it kills me shes like “oh yeah i bought a girl scouts uniform on amazon and went to his house” im like wha wai waht its so good i genuinely wake up early on Mondays for the sole reason of this story
  • I’m obsessed with this so far lauren captures some of the cringiest parts of fandom so well and its REALLY GETTING GOOD IT WAS ALREADY GOOD BUT !!!
  • #gottie what are you DOING
  • #oh gottie… #WHO GUNNA GET MURDERED? #i love this shit

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