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NBC Picks Up Supernatural Drama Pilot Starring Anya Thomas for 2 Series

January 7, 2016

NBC has given a 2 series order to its supernatural drama pilot Loch & Ness, starring Anya Thomas. The series is based on the bestselling novel series of the same name, published by HarperCollins. This marks NBC’s first pilot to get a series pickup this year.

The series will also feature British TV regular Nathan O’Donnell, with newcomer Rob Hennings co-starring opposite Thomas.

Loch & Ness tells the story of two LAPD detectives in a world where the supernatural live amongst us. Lyra Loch (Thomas) is a banshee and her partner Jayden Ness (Hennings) is a selkie. O’Donnell plays Fang, their werewolf criminal overlord enemy. The 13-episode series will start airing in September 2017.

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The AV Club

Loch & Ness keeps surprising us with twist after twist


After a slow first few episodes, NBC’s new high-concept show ended this week with a spectacular season finale. Loch & Ness has consistently found good ratings, growing episode-on-episode, and was one of the biggest success stories of the Fall 2017 season. The show raised the stakes each week and ended last night with an intriguing twist in the season finale. It has already been renewed for a second season, and has been described by critics as ‘the next Supernatural’. It certainly has all the makings of a long-running network standby.

Series lead Rob Hennings is the standout star of the show. Hennings, 25, was a newcomer to acting before being cast in the lead role as Jayden Ness. He’s had a meteoric rise to fame, having already hosted Saturday Night Live and appeared three times on The Tonight Show, where his performance of ‘Thank U, Next’ went viral, gaining 90 million views. He has been nominated for the People’s Choice Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series, and Best Actor in a Show in the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Anya Thomas, 23, plays Lyra Loch, the other title role. Her nuanced performance has already garnered murmurs of an Emmy win. It was recently announced that she will be starring in the next Harry Potter franchise box office release.

The rest of the cast include Nathan O’Donnell, 34, a British actor who has had small roles in many other TV shows including Star Files and The Doctor and The Lady before being cast in the break-out role of Fang. He has found a loyal group of followers, who made the Twitter topic #releaseFang trend earlier this year, when the character was arrested by Detectives Loch and Ness in a cliffhanger-ending in episode 6.

The second season is slated for Fall 2018, and it seems likely that there are more good things ahead for Loch & Ness.

People Magazine

Meet Our New Crush, Rob Hennings


The hot young star of NBC’s Loch & Ness has captured all our hearts, especially since he was seen on a date with Disney Channel’s Nikki Shelley. The love birds were seen holding hands in Central Park on a romantic lunchtime stroll. Nikki hasn’t had much luck in love recently, but she clearly had stars in her eyes as she shared a bagel with the cutie.

Rob plays sexy selkie Jayden in the TV show, and first caught our attention during the (many) beach scenes where a lithe, shirtless Jayden transformed into his seal form. See our compilation of the best scenes here.

Rob’s role as the shapeshifting cop is only the tip of the iceberg of our giant crush, though. Rob has proven to be just as hot, charming and fun in real life. He is often seen out partying with the rest of the cast, particularly Nathan O’Donnell.

If you’re not following Rob on Twitter, this is the perfect time to start, as he’s a frequent, humorous poster, especially when exchanging flirty tweets with his new girlfriend.

Have Nikki and Rob found true love? Nikki is appearing on Dancing with the Stars this summer, so hopefully swoon-worthy Rob will make a guest appearance to support her from the audience.

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Margot this is NOT real

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Jessathon why do you think that? I heard rob was dating that disney actress who got caught drunk driving.

gottiewrites Firstly, the bandana thing? They keep wearing the same bandana in all their papp shots. You can see it’s the same one because there’s a tear in it. So they clearly live together. And also nathan totally went to Denver with rob for like 6 weeks in march. Like, duh.

Jessathon yeaaaah I’m gonna need to see some receipts.

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Honestlyholly mmmmm okay sure jan

livvyb can you write more? please? This is so good!

gottiewrites I guess? Other people have done stuff like this in the tag though

livvyb but you explain everything with all the links and stuff! I only started liking rob last week, I had no clue about ANY of this. It’s super handy

Jessathon okay you TOTALLY convinced me. What else have you noticed that I’ve missed?!

Marcellagem and on your right you can see what REACHING looks like. This is such a stretch. Just because rob is with someone and Nathan forgot to post a cupcake for a few weeks is not evidence of anything except your overactive imagination

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bashhowardappreciationsociety I’m pretty sure he was doing law! Didn’t he discuss it in an interview once?

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lochlives please write more roban meta posts!!

Silverfox Your posts are soooo good. I keep linking my friends to them to prove that Rob and Nathan are dating.

gottiewrites I’m working on it. I want to do it right though, since my posts have all started blowing up. I promise I’ll post it soon.

Sparrowhawk y’all thirsty

Odonnellfc i don’t think they’re dating but this interview is so cute! Nathan is such a cinnamon roll.

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Jessathon whaaaat?! Do you think one of them has been arrested?

Missdaisy surely we would have heard something if they’d broken the law? Like it would have been in the news, right

Daily Mail Online


Loch and Key: Rob Hennings and co-star Nathan O’Donnell keep it low-key in dark formalwear and sunglasses on an incognito trip to LA COURTHOUSE.…..reasons unknown

ROYAL HOLIDAY: New mom Meghan Markle proudly promotes body confidence and feminist views by showing off her flat postpartum tum in polka-dot bikini and heart-shaped sunglasses on jaunt to Southern France; Harry looks on adoringly in trunks and baseball cap

Ed Sheeran says ‘met gala should not be used as scapegoat for NYC traffic issues’ and newly hired Bond Boy Harry Styles unfollows   him on twitter

EXcLusive: Sandra Oh and gal pals dine out in London, sharing shrieks of laughter and wine coolers as series finale of Killing Eve breaks BBC viewing records



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Missdaisy I’m so confused, how do you know they’re together? what does that have to do with a court trial?

Kimlee what are they in court for again?

Jaredgirl I didn’t even realise they were dating? What the hell??

gottiewrites How can you all still not get it? okay. Let me write up something about this.

Tessatips I can’t believe they’re together! I hadn’t even realised!

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Missdaisy yessss!! I’ve been waiting for this!!!

Minajmadness i’ve been totally convinced they’re dating since the BTS footage. I’m so ready for this.

Yoyoyummymummy when are we going to find out why they’re at court though, where’s your essay about that

gottiewrites I knoooooow, I’m dying to find out. SURELY someone will leak some info soon! Where are the law firm fangirls at?

Goodreads | Chapter 1 >

final cover

Gottie is a fangirl for Loch & Ness, a TV show about paranormal detectives. She’s convinced that two of the male actors are secretly dating, and she’ll stop at nothing to prove it. When her online investigations accidentally uncover far more than she expects, she becomes complicit in secrets beyond just a romantic conspiracy theory.

An internet thriller told in a ‘true crime’ style recollection of events, the novel includes social media extracts such as modern Tumblr posts and early-noughties LiveJournal blog entries.

More information | Support on Patreon | Discuss theories on Discord | Leave a tip on Ko-fi


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