Chapter 1 – The Undeniable Facts

Case 2:13-cv-45524-PAD Document 4 Filed 16/01/20 Page 26 of 285


Annotation for Exhibit A: These documents provide details of the known actions of the key witnesses and suspects in the trial in the time leading up to the murder.

Note that the trial referenced in the documents is Case 17:23-cv-34556-PAD, a matter of public record.

An Unauthorised Fan Treatise on the nature of the relationship between actors Rob Hennings and Nathan O’Donnell on TV show Loch & Ness

Chapter 1 – The Undeniable Facts

@gottiewrites 23/08/18


Even if you just clicked on a link to this essay randomly from Tumblr, you’re probably aware of the TV show Loch & Ness. It has won three Emmys and been nominated for six more, and it’s one of the most lauded TV series of this century. NBC recently commissioned another two seasons. That’s basically all you need to know to understand the context of this essay.

I decided to write this after Rob and Nathan were seen entering an LA courthouse this week. We still don’t know why they’re there, but the incident has brought a lot of new people to the fandom. I’ve been seeing a significant amount of speculation about Rob and Nathan’s relationship on Tumblr and Twitter by people who don’t have all the facts. I couldn’t find any complete, sourced and cited resources to help educate new fans, so I decided to write one.

My credentials: I’ve been a fan of Loch & Ness since I was twelve, when I read the first book with my mom. I’ve watched every episode as it aired, and I’ve been following the actors’ social media accounts and the official Show Twitter ever since.

Because I’ve been in fandom and seen all the drama take place ever since the pilot aired, I knew what things to look for when I was writing this, even if I didn’t exactly remember all the details at first. Also, it was a great excuse to use the skills I’m learning in Journalism class (I’m a high school senior, but Journalism is what I want to major in at college). I wrote this with the help of some other long-term fans, who reminded me of a few events I’d forgotten.

My hypothesis

I must preface this by stating that I am not a shipper of Rob and Nathan. I am personally not a fan of Real Person Fic (RPF), though I do write and read Jayden/Fang.1 (Note: Hover over footnotes to read them, or see the end of the post.)

However, I truly believe that Rob and Nathan are in a monogamous, committed relationship with each other, and I am certain that this has been intentionally concealed by their management and The Powers That Be at Loch & Ness headquarters. I believe that Nathan and Rob have been purposefully kept in the closet against their will, and they have been trying to tell fans the truth for a very long time. Furthermore, I think that Rob is gay and Nathan is bisexual, and I have evidence to support both of these claims.

I believe that my hypothesis is correct, as I am an unbiased impartial observer who doesn’t ship Rob/Nathan. I can just see what is right in front of my eyes. If you don’t agree, then you should examine your prejudices, as that isn’t just homophobic but aggressively heteronormative. Rob and Nathan have made their affection for each other eminently clear in a whole host of ways, and I am going to prove that point-by-point through this essay.

I am utterly convinced of the truth of my argument, beyond a shadow of a doubt. But I’m not trying to persuade you. I have no vested interest in influencing your opinion either way. Only you can decide, based on the evidence I’m presenting, what you believe in your heart to be true.

Timeline as we know it

The proliferation of false and inaccurate information online has made the timeline of events incredibly muddled, and I have seen people sharing impossible and unbelievable “facts” about the supposed development of Rob and Nathan’s relationship.

Before we start, I want to share the factual timeline that we have, so that everyone is on the same page about what information we are working from. This is based on filming and promotion schedules, and excludes events referenced only on official social media accounts. Those sources of information are unreliable and may be serving a greater purpose with ulterior motives (we’ll discuss this more in Chapter 4).

Bookmark this page so you can refer back to the timeline, especially when I go into a breakdown of the estimated progress of the relationship in Chapter 18. This will explain what I have determined through extrapolation of the available evidence.

This page will be updated as new information comes to light. If you believe you have something I’ve missed, leave a comment below or email me on You have the right to remain anonymous if you do not wish to appear as a named source.

1984 – Nathan O’Donnell is born in Brighton, England.

1993 – Rob Hennings is born in LA, California, USA.

1999 – The book Loch & Ness: Coven Crime Conundrum is published by Ink Press

2003 – Nathan is cast in his first role in UK Channel 5 TV movie Christmas at Shell Cottage

2004 – Nathan marries a make-up artist who he met on a film set

2006 – NBC buys rights to the Loch & Ness franchise (The project will remain tied up in contract negotiations for the next ten years)

2007 – Nathan gets divorced

2010 – The tenth and final Loch & Ness book, Secret Siren Senses, is published

2011 – Rob starts an undergraduate degree at University of California, Los Angeles

2013 – Nathan wins an Emmy for his supporting actor role in Silent Watcher. A week later, he (or more likely his publicist) creates the Twitter account @Nathan_ODonnell

2015 – Rob graduates with a law degree from the University of California, Los Angeles2

2016 – Initial casting begins on the Loch & Ness TV series – Anya Thomas is cast first, and Nathan O’Donnell signs on a week later. It takes another two months before open casting discovers newcomer Rob Hennings.3

February 2017 – Nathan moves to LA from the UK, and pre-production begins. Rob and Nathan meet for the first time during screen tests4

A Twitter account is made for Rob as @Rob_Hennings; Rob and Nathan’s accounts follow each other that same day

March 2017 – Filming begins. Rob and Nathan go to dinner with the cast and crew at least three times over the course of March, based on social media posts by Anya.

September 2017 – The first season of Loch & Ness airs on NBC. Five5 interviews with6 Rob and7 Nathan are recorded, including a banter filled pre-movie ad-roll that ran in Cinemax theaters from November to January.

October 2017 – Official Instagram accounts are made for Rob and Nathan as @RobLandN and @NathanLandN. The first post is a selfie of them with Anya.

January 2018 – Filming on Season 2 begins. Nathan accidentally posts a screenshot taken from his phone on Twitter, showing off a new Loch & Ness poster. There’s an unread text message from Rob at the top of his phone screen which begins ‘Hi babe’.8

February 2018- Rob goes on three dates in NYC with ex-Disney Channel actress Nikki Shelley. They are papped on all three dates, and are then never seen together again.9

March 2018 – Filming ends on Season 2. Rob goes to film another project on location in Denver. Nathan is not seen in public for the entire six weeks that Rob is away, though his tweets indicate he is supposedly still in LA (see Chapter 3).

April 2018 – The first promotional events for Season 2 start with a panel at ComicCon. A fan asks Nathan if he is single (specifically they asked if he had any ‘babes’ in his life, which made me lol). Nathan makes eye contact10 with Rob before shaking his head. Neither of them offers a vocal response.11

May 2018 – Rob and Nathan record another round of press interviews together, including one video where it’s possible they are holding hands under the table, based on the odd positioning of their elbows.12

June 2018 – Nathan posts an Instagram photo while on holiday in the Maldives. Fan photos from the beach show him hugging a man in a sunglasses and cap, who has a similar build to Rob.)

July 2018 – Rob gets a tattoo of a constellation of stars on his left forearm and posts it online, tagging the tattoo artist. Three weeks later, Nathan is seen at the gym with a tattoo of a moon in the same place.

August 2018 – I start writing this essay, and my studying slows down significantly.

October 2018 – Season 2 due to start airing

Congratulations if you made it this far, and thanks for reading. I’ve written the next five chapters of this essay already, and I’m going to post one a week. There’s probably going to be 22 chapters in total. If you fancy, please buy me a coffee. See above not-so-subtle reference to employment status.

–  margot


1. I’m ashamed to admit that I used to ship Lyra/Jayden when I was younger, though. It’s mortifying, actually – what was I thinking?!
2. See photos of the graduation ceremony on the UCLA website (he’s in the third row back). Thanks to an anonymous tip on Tumblr for this photo!
3. Info taken from IMDBpro behind the paywall, see screenshots here.
4. A recording of their screen test is available on the S2 Blu-ray as an easter egg. You can watch it on YouTube. A choice quote:
Rob: Yo, am I gonna have to get as hench as him if you cast me?
Nathan: I think you’ve got the lithe and slinky thing going for you instead.
Rob: I’ll take that.
Honestly, the whole thing feels like they’re competing with James Dean and Paul Newman for title of ‘most homoerotic screen test ever’.
5. Quote from interview 1 from Rob: “The best part of working on Loch & Ness is definitely getting to know the rest of the team. Nathan is a ball, and Anya is a darling. We have a right laugh! Nathan in particular has really helped little newbie me feel at home in the scary new world of a TV set.”
6. Quote from interview 2 from Nathan: “There’s such great energy between all of us in the main cast. We crack each other up, it drives the producers mad. I don’t think I’ve ever had such fun on a set, to be honest.”
7. Quote from interview 3 from Anya: “Rob and Nathan are like two peas in a pod. I’ve caught them napping in each other’s trailers before! I could do without the pranks, though.”
8. This tweet was obviously deleted straight away, but it has been archived in a few places. I’ve uploaded it to my own Google Drive just in case the NBC lawyers issue more takedown notices. They must have been so mad at Nathan for this by the way – he wasn’t supposed to share the poster for another month either, so he did a double leak.
9. They exchange social media comments a few times, but as stated above, I have reason to believe that social media evidence is unreliable.
10. You can clearly see his eyeline in these three different videos from audience members spread out across the auditorium. It’s obvious, if you compare all three, that he can only be looking at Rob.
11. Which is very unusual, especially for Rob ‘Chatterbox’ Hennings.
12. I’ve screenshotted this for you and outlined their arm placement under the table in blue – excuse my crappy MS Paint skillz. I’m good at journalism, not graphic design.

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FantasticBooksAWTFT i would like to thank not only god but also jesus for this gift. I’m sobbing rn.

tinyshaz someone’s getting suuuuued. Why would you start posting this when they’re clearly caught up in some kind of legal issue, they’ll definitely be checking for hearsay online and filing takedown notices.

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