Chapter 6 – Net Worth and Property

@gottiewrites 09/09/18

Before I carry on with the @silentwakes epic, I want to discuss a few things which I’ve been a bit wary about. Getting into personal details has always felt a bit wrong, but this is technically all public info, so here goes nothing.

Known and Unknown Real Estate

Nathan bought property in the last year in LA. He’s posted extensively online about remodelling his apartment, which was named in a Daily Mail article, when they used a drone to take photos of the apartment complex’s massive swimming pool.

However, I believe that this apartment is a decoy. I don’t believe that Nathan lives in it at all, even part-time. He has not once been papped entering or leaving the building since January this year – eight months ago. In fact, the only person who’s been seen there is a British friend of Nathan’s, a guy called Brad.

Fans have spoken to him when trying to spot Nathan, and he always says that Nathan is away on a job, and he’s flat-sitting for him (see: Tumblr post, tweet, this Instagram story highlight ‘L&N<3’ – all of these are from various fan accounts who have seen this friend there.)

However, I have suspected for a while that Nathan lives with Rob instead. I think this apartment of his is designed to hide their relationship. I am, in fact, incredibly confident that they live together.

Cohabitation and Shared Possessions

Rob and Nathan have been seen on many occasions wearing the same clothes – as well as the good old bandana that we know they share, there are pictures of Rob and Nathan wearing the same GAP t-shirt with a bleach stain on the right arm. We also have documentation of Rob carrying his car keys, and Nathan carrying his, a month later. The keyring and the number of keys is the same, so this is probably the same set.

Nathan posted a sponsored Instagram post of a bottle of fancy Lush shampoo that was about to launch, that he’d been sent early. Rob mentioned the shampoo on a NBC livestream a few days later when a commenter asked him what products he used. This was before it was available to buy, so he could have only been using Nathan’s bottle.

In this photo of Rob cooking in his kitchen, you can see a frame on the wall in the background displaying a graduation diploma from a UK university – which Rob didn’t go to, but Nathan did.

Take a look at the daily vlog of the famous YouTuber danschats from March this year, when he spent the day with Nathan as part of a sponsored video to promote the Loch & Ness DVD release. They’re in the same kitchen shown in the photo of Rob cooking, which is apparently in Nathan’s home.

Here’s the transcript:

Danschats: Hey guys! Today I’m here with an extra special guest. Can you guess who it is? Can you?

Nathan: [popping up in background] Eyyy!

Danschats: It’s Nathan O’Donnell! He’s invited me to hang out with him for the day so you can all get to know the man behind Fang a bit better. I am a maaaaajor Loch & Ness fan, so, not gonna lie, I am super hyped right now.

Nathan: Ah, dude, it’s so good to have you. I’ve really enjoyed your videos. Welcome to my crib! I’m so stoked you managed to get here.

Danschats: So are you going to give us the tour?

Nathan: Oh, totally. I even tidied up for you, be honoured. So this is my kitchen. Two fridges – one for beer, obvs.

Danschat: OBVS!

[cuts to them opening bottles of craft beer]

Nathan: Cheers.

Danschat: Dude, you have a pool too?

Nathan: I know, right. Wanna swim?

Danschats: Do you even have to ask, bro?!

[Danschats divebombs into the pool. Nathan lounges on the steps with his beer. His bulldog dives in, swimming around them]

Danchats: This is the best. I might never leave.

Nathan: I have a barbeque too. [he points with his beer to a brick barbeque] It’s a dream in the summer, when the squad’s over.

Danschats: What else?

Nathan: Ummmm, well there’s a pool table upstairs?

Danschats: SOLD. Let’s go!

[A shot of Nathan playing pool, still in his trunks, a towel draped around his neck]

Danschats: I think I’m going to have to get you to put some clothes on. This [beeped out swearword] is going to get me banned on YouTube.

Nathan: [laughing] Well, wanna see my walk-in wardrobe?

[Cut to wardrobe, where Nathan is pulling on a t-shirt]

Danschats: Is that a cheeky pair of Fang’s snakeskin boots?

Nathan: Mate, I might have stolen them from set. Don’t tell.

Danschats: Nice, man! So is this your bedroom? Which side of the bed is yours?

Nathan: Right.1

Danschats: Oh, same! Excellent choice.

Nathan: You know it.

Danschats: Well, it’s been so good seeing your house, dude.

Nathan: Thanks for coming! You’re welcome back to my gaff any time.

Danschats: I for sure need to see that barbeque in action. See you tomorrow, guys! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Rob and Nathan share shampoo, cars, clothes and kitchens. This all points in one direction: they live together. Obviously this doesn’t mean they’re romantically involved, but I don’t think they’d be hiding their co-habitation from the world if they were just housemates. For one thing; it seems like NBC would eke that for every marketing opportunity it was worth. They’d be painting this as a wild frat house constantly full of hot girls lusting after the Loch & Ness playboys, if it wasn’t so gay.

The reason I’m telling you all of this? Because Rob has managed to keep his address private, until now. But I managed to secure the details of his personal home address recently, so I drove out to the location.

Rob and Nathan’s house

The house is large, newly built, with high front gates and an intercom to buzz in guests. I watched the exterior for a few hours, and didn’t see anyone go in or out, so I pressed the buzzer.

I was posing as a Girl Scout selling cookies, with a uniform I bought off Amazon and some defrosted cookies that my dad keeps in the chest freezer.

Nathan answered the door himself, so obviously I almost died. He looked amazing: he had that rough stubble that he always has when he’s not done any events for a while, and he was wearing long sweatpants with bare feet.

He bought some samoas and paid using a credit card with a payment app on my phone. The app asked for his zip code, which matched Rob’s address. (That means it’s definitely his permanent address, if the card is registered to the house.)

I can’t find a way to get any more info off the payment app, but if anyone has any tips on this, that would be really helpful. I obviously don’t want to steal his money or anything, but it would be quite cool to see what kind of stuff he’s buying. Is that possible, or super illegal?

I’m not sure what my next move is going to be. I got to see the hall of the house, but I couldn’t see any photos up on the walls or anything. I was hoping to spot some letters on the hall table about the visa troubles, but I didn’t see anything like that at all. It must be kept in an office inside the house.

I can’t really try the Girl Scout thing again now that Nathan knows what I look like. I’ll keep thinking though, guys. For you! I know you’re all relying on me, so I’m going to get the information I need to finish this essay, one way or another.

Now I’m off to take my sister off to her swimming lesson, fully stocked with a kindle full of fic to read while I wait. Buy me a coffee, if you like!

– margot


1. Note that in this Reddit AMA, Rob said that he sleeps on the left side of the bed. They’re the perfect fit!

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Anonymous um actually loads of celebs got samples of that new lush shampoo? so rob probably got sent it too.

Holypeaches gottie you’re our lifeline!

Anonymous Nathan posted a pic on his insta story a few hours ago of a Loch & Ness billboard that’s just been put up near my house. Should I go and see if I can find him??

Anonymous update: I went but I couldn’t see anyone. Maybe he took a pic when he was driving past or something.

Cody1234 it was probably a publicist who took the photo

Anonymous anyone else kind of uncomfortable at the thought of gottie knocking on the door of their actual house? Like, I guess it’s cool we know it’s nathans registered address now but does that seem worth the massive invasion of privacy?

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – Net Worth and Property

  1. That is so, so messed up. I can’t believe it. Also how have they not learned about this until now especially if it’s supposed to have been shared widely. Also that AMA is so good!


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