Chapter 8 – A warning to the commenters

@gottiewrites 11/09/18

Well, well, well. What do we have here, then? It looks like one of my little anonymices is not such a mouse after all. More like a giant, stinking rat.

Someone posted an alleged ‘cease and desist’ letter from some Hollywood law firm in the comments on my last chapter.

Anonymous To the owner of ‘gottiewrites’-

We are writing on behalf of NBC, who have filed for a permanent injunction against your website for unsubstantiated claims about the cast members of their TV show Loch & Ness. If the account and all associated uploads aren’t deleted within 48 hours, you will be liable for prosecution on grounds of libel and slander.

Please confirm within ten business days that you agree to comply with our request, or further action will be taken. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Though we recognise your enthusiasm for the TV show and associated cast members, we ask that you respect our desire to protect the integrity of our client’s intellectual property rights.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Feinstein

I was horrified. It felt like someone had broken into my home. I couldn’t understand how they’d found me, or why they were targeting me in particular. But then I started to wonder if the letter was entirely legitimate.

I rang up the law firm mentioned and asked to speak to Mr Feinstein, but the receptionist told me that he didn’t work there any longer, and certainly hadn’t sent out any letters connected to copyright law.

I was very confused, obviously, so I did some research and found that Mr Feinstein’s name was still listed on the law firm’s website as an associate. Someone must have looked up the name of a random lawyer to use in this forged letter, not realising that Mr Feinstein had actually left the firm.

Bold of you to assume that I wouldn’t check. What kind of academic do you take me for? I have Google and a modicum of intelligence. I’m not going to accept any random claim that you guys throw at me.

Lazy work all round. I have no idea what your agenda is, anonyrat, but I will be checking all comments in future to see if you come here again. I’ve worked too hard on this essay to delete it just because of some baiter who has a fangirl grudge.

I certainly will not be removing this, even if a real lawyer does request it. I don’t believe I’ve broken any laws that would require that. If anyone has a background in law and wants to confirm that for me so that I can get a solid night’s sleep, I would really appreciate it.

– margot

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wonderfullybookish ALL STAND FOR THE QUEEN

Anonymous Gottie, your bias is showing. Rob’s publicist follows you on Twitter? Can someone say ‘paid promotion’?

jamiebmaher jesus, give her peace. Ffs.

Anonymous i’m kin with jayden and we both find this very upsetting. Someone like Mr Hennings shouldn’t be allowed to represent our media persona. This is real life, they should have cast someone with a bit more integrity. It’s insulting.

Anonymous me and my friend are both married to fang. We swore vows to him and promised to protect him. Could you pass on a message to him for us, through jayden? He rarely visits me and I’d love to talk to him in person.

littlehucks OH MY GOD HOW THE HELL DID THE OTHERKINS AND FANGWIVES FIND US. Get them out get them out get them out!!


RIAxoTT I noticed that in one of the @silentwakes posts, Rob mentions that he works in a café ‘down the road from his parents’ house’. A few months later, he posts a picture of a pretty magnolia tree in bloom ‘outside his work’. There can’t be many cafes opposite magnolia trees in LA, so I looked up all the ones I could find and went on a little city tour. I think I actually managed to track down Rob’s parents’ house! I took this photo through the gap in the curtains in the front window:


If you zoom in and increase the brightness, you can see that there’s a picture on the wall of Rob and Nathan. They must be a couple, if Rob’s mom put a picture of them up! So cute! (And don’t worry, I didn’t get caught.)

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