Chapter 10 – I NEED HELP

@gottiewrites 20/09/18

Guys, I have some bad news. I’m posting this from my phone because my laptop was stolen last night. I don’t even know how this could have happened – it was in my bedroom when I went to sleep, and nothing else was taken, not even my sister’s laptop in the living room. It freaks me out that someone was in my room while I was sleeping.

I had drafts of the next four chapters on there, and I don’t have any back-ups. I have no way to buy a new laptop. I can’t carry on writing this without a computer. Not to the standard I’ve set, with embedded screenshots and hyperlinks to Google Drive back-ups of sources. It’s just not possible on a phone. And I can’t really stand the thought of a reduction in quality at this point, when I’ve come so far.

So . . . it comes down to this.

This series is suspended until further notice. I’m going to focus for now on trying to get information from my surveillance, ready to write up when I can find a way to get online again. However long that may take.

If you’d like to donate towards a new laptop, you can PayPal me at I’m really sorry.

– margot

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Anonymous Yeaaaaah, this stolen laptop sounds totally legit. Your blog gets popular and suddenly you have an ‘emergency’ that requires ‘donations’? What, are you expecting a 13k payout like silentwakes? If you want money, just start a Patreon, I’m sure there’s some idiots here who’d pay for this shit.

gottiewrites WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE, MOUSE? LEAVE ME ALONE. Stop hate-following me and go live your own life!

Anonymous gottie….please take this as a sign. stop this, you’re going to get yourself arrested! If they realise you’re stalking them, they’ll call the police

gottiewrites I’m not STALKING them! I’m a huge fan! they’ll thank me if this essay means they don’t have to stay closeted anymore

Ellienerd14 Uhhhh….I donated to your PayPal and the receipt said your surname is Garcia? Is that Garcia like the publicist, by any chance??

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