Chapter 14 – Laptop Analysis

Case 2:13-cv-45524-PAD Document 4 Filed 16/01/20 Page 165 of 285


Annotation for Exhibit E: This is a key document in the trial on the side of the prosecution, as it records the suspicious actions of the accused in the days after the homicide.

Chapter 14 – Laptop Analysis

@gottiewrites 26/09/18

I understand that a lot of you are having trouble maintaining your disbelief about the content of this essay. I’ve been making a lot of big claims here, and for my own personal safety, I’m limited in the amount of evidence I can post online. However, I have some news that will convince the majority of you that I’m absolutely telling the truth.

I was too shook up to mention this yesterday, but I took something from Rob and Nathan’s house. When I escaped with my laptop, I kind of . . . borrowed Rob’s own computer too. It was lying open on the desk, and it seemed a fair act of retaliation at the time.

I don’t even care if that was wrong – he’s clearly playing hardball here. He came into my home. I have a young sister. He might be famous, but even he can’t be allowed to get away with that. I’ve been thinking about my choices for the last twenty-four hours, and I still stand by my actions. I wouldn’t do anything differently.

Rob came after me first. I’m going to give back as good as I get. As justice for what he did to @effiemeral and @nessiesgirl, as much as for myself. For everyone out there who deserves to know the truth – especially Nathan, who can’t possibly know what kind of person his boyfriend really is.

So, who’s interested in seeing what kind of tasty info we can extract from Rob’s harddrive? Please form an orderly line.

New TV show pilot

Firstly, I need to remind you all that our Mr Hennings was studying law before he was cast as Jayden. He graduated with a degree, and we know from his LiveJournal that he was serious about it – he talked about internships at law firms, and shadowing trials at court. We can surmise that he has a high level of literacy about law documents and the language of the law.

This is verifiable – he’s spoken in interviews about his previous career (well, training – he was still searching for a graduate job when he lucked out and got the acting gig that changed his life).

He even appeared in a Creative Alliance advert that aired during the Superbowl this year, featuring multiple famous celebrities talking about the issues with online piracy. He mentioned his background in law during his section – here’s a transcript:

Rob: As a law student working closely with Hollywood movie companies before I got my big break as an actor, I learnt how much online piracy damages this industry.

[Skips to Ellen Degeneres, then back to Rob]

Rob: Support creativity by viewing your favourite media through genuine sites. By streaming illegally, you are contributing nothing and risk downloading dangerous surveillance software.

[Skips to J-Lo and Brad Pitt, then back to Rob]

Rob: Don’t be a leech. Your views are a vote that costs nothing. Make sure you’re spending it in the right place.

Now, a lovely librarian commented on this essay just a few chapters ago, to let me know Rob is trying to get involved in more law-adjacent acting too:

Great work on this essay, you’ve worked so hard. I wanted to share the following – I work in an LA library, and Hennings came in the other day. He said that he’s just been cast in a new pilot for a show about a lawyer, and the role is very meaty, apparently. He borrowed some books on law, which he said were research for the role. Apparently they’ve also asked him to do some consulting work on the show, because he has a background in law I think? Anyway, he said they needed help with creating the props – documents for the screens and the tables used in the shots and stuff like that. It sounds really cool, and I thought you’d be interested!

Here’s my receipt, so you know that this is true. It’s a log of the law books he borrowed, with library barcodes and loan return dates, etc. I got it off the system and obscured a few details for my own safety.

This is anonymous, for obvious reasons.


I can confirm this comment’s accuracy, as his laptop contains some of the law documents in Photoshop which the props department asked him to work on.

It’s great that Rob is working on these, and being appreciated more for his law knowledge within the industry. I’ve always known he was more than just a pretty face.

I have so many questions about this new pilot, though. I tried to find more info about it on his laptop, but all of the scripts and pitches must have been paper copies because there’s nothing in his inbox, annoyingly.

It’s obviously a good thing for his career – he’s such a new actor that Loch & Ness is basically the only project listed on his IMDb page so far. But I do have some concerns. Will he have time to carry on filming Loch & Ness too, if this law show gets picked up? Is it with the same network? If so, will that extend the enforced closeting clause from his original contract, or will he be able to come out? What if the show isn’t filmed in LA – will he still be able to live with Nathan? I’d hate for them to have to struggle through a long-distance relationship.

It reminded me of a Reddit AMA that Nathan, Rob and Anya did a few weeks ago, where Rob mentioned playing a lawyer. It’s possible he already knew he was being cast in this pilot. If you haven’t seen it, here’s some snippets that are of interest.

We’re the cast of Loch & Ness: Anya Thomas, Rob Hennings and Nathan O’Donnell. Ask Us Anything. Submitted 3 weeks ago* by NBC

Hi guys. We’re at San Diego Comic Con, and Victoria from reddit has come to ask us some questions in the green room over the next few hours.

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[-] anniewg 456 points 3 weeks ago

Hi Rob, how does it feel to become so famous so fast? You went from 0 to 100 at the speed of light. Do you have whiplash?

[-] NBC 1232 points 3 weeks ago

Rob: I’ve always had a lot of admirers, so I’m used to the attention. No, but really, it’s very strange, and a massive learning curve. I still wake up from dreams about applying for graduate jobs, which is what I was desperately doing when I got the Jayden gig.

I thought I’d had time to prepare for being recognised in public while we were filming the first season, but I had no idea what it would be like. I keep having to catch myself before I do something idiotic – leave the house in sweatpants, or share a dumb meme – because I know I’ll get backlash for it. I’m used to being able to do whatever idiotic things I like in relative anonymity. I think, for me, the most important thing is to protect the privacy of my loved ones. I don’t mind if the press tear me apart, as long as my family are safe and happy.

But the rest of my life hasn’t really changed much. I still stay up way too late online and eat too much takeaway. I’m definitely the same person I’ve always been. I just have Gillian Anderson in my contacts now.

 [-] enlightenme 456 points 3 weeks ago

Nathan, are you still in touch with anyone from your early shows? I played the kid on the UK sitcom A Pint of Bitter, Please when you guest-starred on it, but I don’t act anymore!

[-] NBC 1232 points 3 weeks ago

Nathan:  That’s so cool!  I remember you. You must be 26 by now, right? APOBP was one of my first jobs, I remember being so nervous. I used to have to hype myself up every day just to go on set, because I was so worried. It took me forever to actually learn my lines, too – which is crazy looking back, because I only had a couple per episode. But I remember making my housemate Brad read over them with me, and he’d have the script memorized while I was still guessing the next line. Good times. I used my first pay cheque to get a car, the cheapest one I could find, and then had to wait another month for enough money to fill the tank.

[-] lostinspace 156 points 3 weeks ago

There is a huge international fanbase for Loch & Ness, even though the show has only aired so far in the USA. What are your thoughts on TV show piracy and online streaming?

[-] NBC 1232 points 3 weeks ago

Rob: It’s a tough one, especially as our international fans do such a good job of promoting the show. Without them, the US ratings wouldn’t be anywhere near so big – they build up the hype for our paying audiences, even if the fans are watching it illegally themselves.

I also can’t say I’ve never pirated any TV shows myself when I couldn’t watch them in my region (some of Nathan’s early work is hard to find, okay?!).

That doesn’t mean I approve of it, though – I know from my time studying law that piracy does have a severe negative effect on the likelihood of shows getting renewed, or movies getting a sequel. I was involved in shadowing a few copyright law cases and it really is a huge drain on this industry.

This was a very long answer, sorry!

TL;DR: I guess that I’m tentatively neutral about streaming. I would hope that our international fans all watch the show again when it does become available through legal means in their region.

[-] derpderpderp 456 points 3 weeks ago

What’s the story behind the scar on your hand, Rob?

[-] NBC 1232 points 3 weeks ago

Rob: Oh, so stupid. I was frying bacon and my parents’ dog jumped up at me. I grabbed the pan to stop her getting splashed, and burnt my thumb on the oil.

[-] stormkeeper 711 points 3 weeks ago

Rob, I was in your year at college. It’s crazy that you’re famous now, while I’m still training to take the bar! Would you ever go back to a law firm?

[-] NBC 1232 points 3 weeks ago

Rob: Oh, hi! That feels like such a long time ago now. Congrats on all the work you’ve put in. I could definitely see myself going back to law. I do miss it a lot – maybe not reading hundreds of case files, but standing up in court does require the same kind of desire for attention as acting! Maybe one day I’ll find my way into an acting role as a lawyer, to scratch that itch.

 [-] birdiepie 456 points 3 weeks ago

Nathan, there are rumours going around that you’re getting cast as the next James Bond. Is that true?

[-] NBC 1232 points 3 weeks ago

Nathan: If it was, I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to talk about it. But no, it’s not. I’m hoping that Idris Elba is the next Bond. Not that I’d say no if they asked me, but I’ve not been in touch with them.

Rob: I’m going to send your portfolio in to the Bond team myself, just wait. I don’t think I can live without an O’Donnell Bond now that you’ve put the image in my head.

[-] bananastand 456 points 3 weeks ago

Nathan, do you have any thoughts you can share on the infamous feud that got the last season of Indemnity cancelled before it was filmed?

[-] NBC 1232 points 3 weeks ago

Nathan: That was very unfortunate, and I really hope we get together to film a final episode to wrap things up one day. As far as I’m aware it was due to a fundamental disagreement between the writers and the studio at ITV. None of the cast were involved.1

Very cute! I love how Rob can’t ever resist an opportunity to mention how hot he finds Nathan. Relatable.

Anyway, I didn’t find any information connected to @silentwakes on the laptop yet, but I’m still working my way through the folders. I can already predict the comments will say that some prop samples (for a show we don’t have any information about) doesn’t really prove that I actually have Rob’s laptop.

I’ve also uploaded some of his personal photos as confirmation. There are a few cute selfies of him and Nathan. These are all new photos that aren’t online anywhere else. I’m very excited to see how you explain how I could have them if I was lying about all this.

– margot


1. Indemnity (2010, ITV) was cancelled during the writer’s strike over pay, and never picked up again. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t really recommend it (it was pretty bad). Nathan played a gangster with frosted tips. It wasn’t a good look on him.

Comments (5463)

Anonymous is there anything on the laptop about nathan?

Anonymous Guys, I had a thought. What if he wasn’t pretending to get this huge lillyletters donation to get attention? What if it was a real donation? What if there was actual money involved? That would make sense of why rob is so desperate for it to be kept private.

Elizamonsters What are you saying? That he was sending himself money?? Why would he DO that?

rolanddeschain gottie I think you’re getting a bit lost in the weeds here. this all started because you wanted to know why Nathan was at court, and it doesn’t seem like we have an answer to that yet, do we?

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