Chapter 17 – Rob’s Online Activity (cont.)

@gottiewrites 29/09/18

While we’re all reeling from Rob’s latest ridiculous behaviour in my comments section, I think I’ve made some headway on that Lilly Fielden donation from 2014. I realised that if I could log onto Rob’s GoFundMe, I’d be able to find out more about who exactly had sent him the $13,000.

The profile hadn’t been logged into since 2014, when he abandoned his LiveJournal account(s). I requested a password reset to be sent to the email account which was logged in on his laptop.

A lot of the info on the site was archived, but you can still look up the invoices of all your donations, in case you need them for tax returns. I managed to download PDFs of all his donation info, including the money sent by @lillyletters.

There were a few small donations, like  one from @effiemeral, for ten or fifteen dollars. Then there was this:

Date Donation by Amount Originating

Currency (1 bitcoin = $474.13)

Processing and Currency Conversion Charges (2.5%) Net donation in USD
17/09/14 Lilly Fielden 27.42 Bitcoin $325 $12,675

Yep. Mrs Fielden donated using a bitcoin withdrawal. Obviously, at this point I knew that I’d hit the jackpot. This was basically a big flashing red light saying ‘clue’. Suddenly, all of Rob’s attempts to conceal this from me have come clear.

*chefs kiss* This is the jackpot, guys.

Back up a step, Gottie

Bitcoin, in case you’re unfamiliar, is a currency invented for anonymous use on the internet. It was created in 2009, and it’s still a very niche currency now, so for a middle-aged English housewife to be sending donations from the currency in 2014 is incredibly unlikely. Clearly that money didn’t come from any legitimate source.

Because it’s so anonymous, Bitcoin is generally used to buy and sell things on the deep web – an anonymous area of the internet used by criminals, because you can hide your identity.

This is the end of the line in tracking Lilly Fielden down. There’s no way to trace her transaction from here, if she does in fact exist. I think there are two possible explanations for this:

  1. Someone sent Rob an untraceable quantity of money from the dark web using the false name Lilly Fielden
  2. Rob made the Lilly Fielden account himself, to funnel money from the dark web to his real-life bank account

Either way, that means that somehow, Rob is getting money from an underground, illegal part of the internet. Did he steal it? Or earn it somehow?

It’s almost impossible to hypothesis about this – there are so many ways he could have made that money, all of them more awful than the next, that it’s dangerous to even speculate. I’m just going to show you some of the options available for the average deep web user with Bitcoin to burn. This is the deep web website index, which I found on YouTube where some rebel teenager was showing off his ‘tour’ of the dark net (he immediately got hacked, obviously.)

Rent-a-hacker – DDOS, hacking, social engineering, malware, ethical hacktivism, censored information archive. RUIN PEOPLE.

Executive Outcomes – Contact killer/hitman service, easy to hire using Bitcoin, 100% anonymous, no limits. For crowdfunded political assassinations see the Ethical Assassinations forum.

Shop central – Get wholesale contraband here – guns, ammo, organs, weapons, cloned CCs with high balance/PIN, ID, driver’s licenses and passports (US, UK, CAN, EU, AUS). Quick response, high customer satisfaction.

Grams – High quality original blends, guaranteed! Most trusted vendor in the union. Fast shipping.

Library of the Onion – Download ePubs about poison, lock-picking, chemical weapons, explosives and more.

Finder – Largest encrypted deep net search engine. 1.1 million sites indexed.

Tor Book – Deep net social network, forums, blogs, Minecraft, silliness.

Honestly, Rob has shown such a dark side recently that I’m not sure any of the things listed above are beyond him. He’s already broken into my house, threatened me online and engaged in suspicious activities that show signs of money-laundering. I wouldn’t be surprised at anything I found here.

To try and work out what exactly he was up to, I’m going to download the software that lets you log onto the deep web.1

The main questions I want answering right now are: where did he get this huge amount of money? If he did acquire it, why did he go to the trouble of creating a fake account to send it to himself? And, finally – what was so terrible about the source of the income that means he is still, all these years later, desperate to keep the truth about it hidden?

I’m going to find the answers to all of these questions, I promise you that.

Law document photoshop files

I still have Rob’s laptop. Don’t worry, I’m hiding it somewhere safe, so he can’t break into my house again and steal it back. I’ve been prepared for the LAPD to get in touch with me about it, as I know some of you have called them. But I haven’t heard a peep from anyone. I’m ready for the day they do come knocking to question me about this fictional narrative (cough). In the meantime I’m working day-and-night to get all the info out of my sources that I can.

I’ve mainly been studying those mysterious law documents on his harddrive. I only skim-read them originally, assuming they were fake. But comparing them with real documents from law websites, it turns out that they stand up to a surprising level of scrutiny. I’ve made comparisons of documents side-by-side with the real versions. They’re almost total matches. Even when you zoom in, it’s hard to see a difference.

They’re definitely a lot more realistic than would be necessary for a prop piece of paper shown a few times on a TV show – that was clearly a quick and desperate lie by Rob.

According to the design files, most of the basic elements of the documents were taken from scans of publicly accessible forms. I’m going to do some research into the original documents, to see if there’s a way I can find out who has recently requested access to those files. Maybe that will help me to work out why Rob had them.

P.S. This week’s People Magazine featured a short interview with Nathan. He’s growing his hair out again! It hasn’t been as long as it is in the picture since July.

PEOPLE: Best date you’ve ever been on?

NATHAN: Picnic on the beach with cold wine and a cheese plate, followed by a moonlight swim.

PEOPLE: What’s your type?

NATHAN: Witty, slightly mean, knows how to put me in my place.

PEOPLE: Guilty pleasure?

NATHAN: Terrace House on Netflix. My housemate Brad and I watch it obsessively.

PEOPLE: Celebrity crush?

NATHAN: Cate Blanchett, like the rest of the world.

Nathan O’Donnell is currently appearing as FANG in Loch & Ness Season 2, which starts airing on 15th October at 8/9c on NBC

The new season really starts soon, doesn’t it? I’d completely forgotten, in all this excitement. I don’t know how I’m going to even have time to watch it, at this rate.

The Mysterious Brad

The interview above ties into something else I’d like to discuss. Someone posted a sighting of Rob in the comments on the last chapter. It said that he was talking to a friend, looking very distressed, on a street in LA last night. They posted a very blurry picture of the pair, as well as a transcript of part of their conversation (see below).

Now, in the course of my investigation, I went through the photos of the people seen at events and parties with Nathan over the last few years, and so I recognised the person Rob is with in that photo. It’s Nathan’s friend Bradley Saffitz.

Nathan has mentioned Brad in a few interviews with magazines, as he moved to America from the UK with him, and currently flat-sits for Nathan in his LA apartment. Someone let me know in the comments on an earlier chapter that he’s an actor too, with a few walk-on roles in sitcoms in both the UK and USA.

I found his headshot and portfolio on his agency’s website. Here’s his biography:

Bradley Saffitz

Trained at London Drama Centre

Please see Bradley Saffitz’s showreel here.

British actor won his first role on the BBC pilot Leonardo, playing the role of Leonardo di Vinci. While the pilot wasn’t commissioned, BBC producers were so impressed with his work that the show creators of The Doctor and the Lady cast him in the Series 7 episode ‘Cyborg Cyanide’ (2016) as the villain Drake.

Saffitz went on to take a role on the first series of ITV’s Omens of Paradise (2017), where his character was killed in the third episode. Fans voiced disappointment at his loss, as his character had proved incredibly popular. He has also appeared in four episodes of Crime & Order (2018), all of which were rated over 8 stars on IMDb.

He’s not at all a household name (I’d never heard of him before I started writing this essay) but he’s been steadily appearing in small parts for years, just like Nathan did before he got a big break with Loch & Ness.

I was curious to find out more about what Rob’s discussion with Bradley could be about. This is the conversation we have:

Rob: You haven’t at all?

Bradley: Not since last week. He does this a lot though, doesn’t he?

Rob: I just don’t know what to say to them. How am I supposed to defend him when we all know he’s just going to do it again?

Bradley: It’s not fair on you to take the blame.

Rob: Do you think there’s a chance it’s something to worry about, though? You’ve known him for longer than me.

Bradley: I think he’s just doing his usual poor-me routine out in the woods somewhere.

As their mutual connection is Nathan, I think it’s safe to assume that they’re talking about Nathan. Rob seems to be upset that he’s having to take credit for Nathan’s bad behaviour and isn’t sure whether to worry about something. Could this be connected to Nathan’s absence from filming Loch & Ness?

Nathan’s ex-wife mentioned in her tell-all interview that, “He used to go for long drives in the country when he wanted to be alone, and I wouldn’t hear from him for fourteen hours at a time. It was very stressful – I always worried that something had happened to him.” Could Nathan be doing something similar now – disappearing off into the countryside without telling Rob where he’s going?

That’s my interpretation anyway, but I’m just guessing. I’m going to see if I can find out anything more about Bradley that could help with this.

So far, I’ve tracked down his Facebook page. It looks like Bradley is friends with Nathan’s ex-girlfriend, which is quite interesting. I hadn’t found her profile before. I had a little nosey around, and guess what! The email address associated with Nathan’s ex’s account is registered on Tumblr . . . for a Nathan/Rob fan blog.

Nathan’s ex-girlfriend has a fan account where she ships Rob and Nathan. Not only that, but she used it to comment on this very essay with some info about Rob’s Twitter persona! It was some info I already had, but I appreciate it all the same, gal.

[Username redacted] Love the essay so far, babe! Did you know that Rob’s got a private Twitter? It’s @robhen93. He only follows 4 people.

I don’t think there’s any chance of us getting access to the Twitter (trust me, I’ve tried!) But I love that Nathan’s ex is trying to get access to it too, like she wants to check out his new partner. Oh, the tangled web we all weave . . .

– margot



Comments (6456)

Anonymous Nathan is bi, right? So is the lurker ex-gf a beard or the real deal?

gottiewrites no idea, but she’s LIVING. I want to be her friend!

Anonymous I was thinking about rob’s anonyrat stuff and I was wondering if you’d considered that he was trying to make you think he broke up with Nathan and was leaving loch & ness? Getting a new role, etc. If he cant come out as gay because of his contract, he might be desperate to make us think that they’ve broken up so he can keep his job. That must at least better than nothing

tinyshaz if they broke up it’s because NBC kept trying to closet them against their will and it tore them apart. They should sue them or something, I don’t understand how it’s legal.

Anonymous i live near rob and nathan’s house and I haven’t seen them for a few days. I think they’re both staying with rob’s parents, trying to heal their relationship. That’s why nathan hasn’t been turning up for work.

Blackbetty I heard that Nathan has been deported back to the UK after his visa troubles. He only managed to get a temporary extension for his stay, and it finally ran out on him.

lilithfatale that’s absolute nonsense. As someone else proved in earlier comments, NBC have called for a filming break. They should be back by Monday for the next filming block

lucyisatYALC He’s on twitter and stuff too, I doubt he’d be tweeting if he was in the middle of being deported. See:

@Nathan_ODonnell Only two weeks until the new season starts! Who’s excited? #LochandNess

FantasticBooksAWTFT that’s clearly a PR tweet and cannot be used as evidence of anything except NBC’s publicity budget, soz

Anonymous I tracked down a ‘Margot Garcia’ using the age and hometown mentioned in the article about her journalism award. Here’s what she looked like at her middle school graduation (she’s Mexican, right?). Here’s her personal Instagram. She last updated two days ago with a photo of herself holding a pug:

insta pug

Another from a cinema trip:

margotggarcia finally checking out this marvel thing! is there any plot stuff I need to know before I jump in with the new movie ‘Captain Avengers and the Wasp’s Black Ant: Return of Loki’s Hawkeye’? or can I pick it up as I go?

Finally, one that’s actually about Loch & Ness:

margotggarcia my favourite book series has been made into a tv show, and it starts airing season 1 tonight on nbc. Please check it out, it’s very wholesome and fun!

Dellygarcia wow I have to hear about this enough irl do I really have to see it on the dash too, sis

Stu_g what’s it about? Will me and your mom like it?

margotggarcia monsters and crime! we can watch it after dinner tonight!        

I also found the Instagrams of her cousin/best friend and her ex-boyfriend from junior year too. Gottie is in this photo in a Hallowe’en costume of one of the Odder Things characters in an ice cream shop costume.

anxiousalien does it weird anyone else out that we’re stalking gottie now? she’s supposed to be one of us.

Case 2:13-cv-45524-PAD Document 4 Filed 16/01/19 Page 210 of 285


Annotation for Exhibit H: The footage discussed here of a conversation between Bradley Saffitz and Rob Hennings can be found in Appendix B, Exhibit A-1, as well as footage taken from a nearby CCTV camera that shows the incident from another angle. This footage is a key piece of evidence in the trial. The person who recorded the footage has given a statement confirms its authenticity.

A professional lip-reading of the incident as interpreted from both pieces of footage can be found in Appendix B, Exhibit A-2, which differs very slightly from the transcript in this document.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 17 – Rob’s Online Activity (cont.)

  1. “what was so terrible about the source of the income that means he is still, all these years later, desperate to keep the truth about it hidden?” – And posting about it on the internet on a widely followed blog is definitely the way to go.
    I love the fake tv series and the Marvel film names. XD


  2. It’s been years since I read serialized online fiction and this has been an amazing read to get me back into it. I rapidfire read through all the posted chapters so far and it was awesome to get that rush of anticipation to see that I’ll be waiting for more! I’m kind of a weenie, but I still think it’s a testament to the subtle but intense building of suspense that I had to read with the lights on. Catch me not sleeping tonight cause I’m busy theorizing about the victim…


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