Chapter 21 – Breaking News

@gottiewrites 04/10/18

No time for a proper post but I thought I should post here in case you haven’t seen the news: Nathan O’Donnell has just been declared missing. He hasn’t been seen for over a week.


Nathan O’Donnell, LA resident and actor on NBC TV show Loch & Ness, has been declared missing. O’Donnell, 34, hasn’t contacted his friends or family since 23rd September. He was last seen near Bamboo Boulevard in Los Angeles. He is Caucasian, with a muscular build, brown hair and a full beard.

His sister has issued a heartbreaking statement through the LAPD, pleading for the public to contact the police with any information about his whereabouts.

“My lovely brother Nathan has been missing for over a week now, and we’re all so shocked and worried for his safety. We want him to know that we love him and miss him, and will welcome him back with open arms whenever he is able to return to us. Please help bring my brother back home safe and well. Even just raising awareness on social media will help immeasurably. Thank you.

Fellow actor Rob Hennings is offering a monetary reward for any news leading to O’Donnell’s recovery. He said to the press, “I’m very worried about Nathan, and will do anything I can to bring him home. I am willing to offer a $20,000 reward to anyone who can assist the police in their enquiries.” 

If you believe you have information about O’Donnell’s whereabouts, a dedicated website has been set up to receive messages.

I . . . I’m at a loss. I’m still processing what this might mean. Will post asap.

– margot

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Anonymous But he’s been posting? Nathan has been online! He can’t be missing!

Anonymous Haven’t you been taking in anything Gottie has been saying? THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS AREN’T WRITTEN BY THEM.

Anonymous that’s why he stopped turning up for filming!!!

lilithfatale he’s just on holiday! He’s not actually MISSING, is he?

Anonymous Nathan has tweeted three times in the last week, though?! e.g.

@Nathan_ODonnell So, who’s your favourite? #LochandNess

Lyra (65%)

Jayden (4%)

Fang (31%)

@Nathan_ODonnell Anyone else reaaaally craving a TV series marathon right now? What shows are you all loving right now that I should check out?

Anonymous I don’t want him to be missing either, but these tweets are CLEARLY written by a publicist, are you blind? Try a bit harder ffs

tinyshaz if Nathan is missing does that mean he’s not going to be at NYC comiccon next week? What a waste of a ticket, I only bought it to see him. I paid for the photo opp and everything urgh

Anonymous I bet gottie knew this was going to happen. This whole essay was probably commissioned by nathan’s publicist as a distraction while he was missing, to stop anyone noticing

RIAxoTT gottie HAS to be involved somehow. The timing of this essay is too suspicious. And there’s no way she’s actually worked all this stuff out just by googling. She must have an inside source.

Anonymous does anyone else think that gottie might be anya? Anya is sooooo obsessed with Nathan and rob, she’s always posting about them and trying to ride on their coattails. She’s desperate to be as famous as them. It wouldn’t surprise me if she made this essay

harrypotterswife what kind of dream world are you living in? anya is about 200 times more famous than either rob or nathan. She’s the lead in a HP film! And the face of Chanel! she’s published 2 novels and a memoir! her instagram has 35 million followers! she’s hosting the Oscars this year!

Anonymous gottie, didn’t you see Nathan at his house when you got the laptop? that would have been around the time that he went missing, right? what if you saw him just before he disappeared?

gottiewrites no way. No way. that’s….no way.

anxiousalien you should probably go to the police, if you were one of the last people to see him alive.

gottiewrites ‘ALIVE’? Like he’s DEAD???

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