Chapter 22 – Overheard Conversation at Home Address

@gottiewrites 05/10/18

There’s something I never told you about the night I was hiding in Rob’s office on 23rd September (see Chapter 12). I wasn’t going to say anything, but I don’t think I have a choice anymore.

I could hear Rob and Nathan talking out in the corridor, before Rob came inside. They were having a fight, and Rob sounded furious. This is what I think they were saying (although I couldn’t hear everything, and it happened twelve days ago, so I might be misremembering it.)

Nathan: [unknown] You can’t expect me to believe that-

Rob: [unknown]

Nathan: I’m not a fucking idiot!

Rob: I’m not saying [unknown]

Nathan: How did you convince me that [unknown]

Rob: [‘No’ – maybe?]

Nathan: [unknown] the minute [unknown] police.

Rob: Yes.

Nathan: I don’t believe you.

I think that they had a fight that night, and broke up. Now, I’m pretty sure that they were fighting about Bradley’s visa trial. Maybe they were worried it was going to fail, and someone would notice the forgeries. Nathan could have been getting cold feet about the plan, and threatening to tell the police everything. Maybe Rob went crazy, because he was worried that he would have to go to prison if the truth ever got found out.

I’m not saying that Rob hurt Nathan. I’m just saying – doesn’t it seem suspicious? That I hear this fight, over something so important and risky, and then Nathan goes missing?

What if Rob and Nathan broke up over the court case, and Nathan flew back to the UK to be with his family? What if that’s why no one has seen him for weeks?

Someone recently emailed me with a link to a video of Rob walking down a street at night, some time this month (date unclear, but there’s a billboard in the background for the new film which has only just been released).  I thought I’d share it here, as it might be connected with Nathan’s disappearance.

In the video, Rob is approached by a fan who rudely shines their phone flashlight in his eyes while they record him. This is the ensuing conversation:

Rob: Get the fuck out of my way! Jesus!

Fan: We love you, Rob! Is Nathan here? Where’s Nathan?

Rob: I don’t shitting know, do I?

[Rob barges past the girls, knocking one of them to the side]

The video then ends.

Did he storm out after another fight with Nathan? Was he on his way to find Nathan, after Nathan left him?

Who knows.

– margot

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RosaRodel rob looks really upset in that video. What if this was taken after Nathan disappeared? He must have been so worried, searching everywhere to find him. he could have lashed out in fear and panic that Nathan was lost.

gottiewrites maybe! I’m just speculating, like all of us. You can see whatever you want in the video. Personally, I think rob looks more angry than scared here, but each to their own!

Anonymous he’s probably raging because you keep posting this stuff online too. That would be enough to drive anyone to the brink of insanity.

Anonymous we don’t have proof of any of this. I don’t know why you’re even posting about it.

booksandlemonsquash I don’t think we should be discussing any of this online.

FantasticBooksAWTFT rob’s twitter has gone completely silent. Something is definitely going on

victoria I’m leaving. 

Case 2:13-cv-45524-PAD Document 4 Filed 16/01/20 Page 249 of 285


Annotation for Exhibit I: Please note that any hearsay discussed in this document should not be considered by jurors as admissible evidence, unless otherwise confirmed by investigators in the case.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 22 – Overheard Conversation at Home Address

  1. i’ve been non-stop reading this ever since someone dropped a link in the discord and i’m literally so invested in this it’s like im 14 and reading the ryden manifesto all over again (speaking of.. the supposed kissing in the sea gave me FLASHBACKS ngl)
    honestly props for using internet culture as a device for storytelling!! it’s so original and it feels eerily real this way. a********* story please let it never end


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