Chapter 24 – Twitch Livestream

Case 2:13-cv-45524-PAD Document 4 Filed 16/01/20 Page 253 of 285


Annotation for Exhibit J: This is the last known post by Miss Garcia. Please see her witness statement for further information pertaining to the case.

Below is a transcript for the ‘Twitch’ livestream mentioned in the document.

[The view is dark. There’s heavy breathing for several minutes, then the sound of a knock on a door. Gottie lifts her finger off the lens of her phone camera, to reveal Rob Hennings opening the front door of his house. The image is slightly obscured by the edge of Gottie’s sleeve.]

Rob: I knew you’d come. I’m surprised you weren’t already here, fucking hiding in my attic or something when you got my message.

Gottie: Why have you asked me to come here? Do you just want to yell at me and steal my things again?

Rob: What the fuck have you done to Nathan? I’ve been searching for days. I know you’ve got him.

Gottie: I haven’t!

Rob: Tell me. Tell me where he is.

Gottie: I promise, I don’t know anything about it. I only found out he was missing when the news went online. You must know that, if you’ve been reading my essay.

Rob: You have him. Why else would you be trying to make the internet think I’ve killed him? That argument. Why did you post that?

Gottie: [panicked] They’re going to think I did it!

Rob: Why? Effie- Gottie- whatever your name is. Why would anyone think you’re involved? You’re no one. You’re nothing.

Gottie: You last saw him the night I took back my laptop, didn’t you?

Rob: The night you stole mine, you mean.

Gottie: Just answer the question.

Rob: [head in his hands] Yes. I haven’t seen him since. I don’t know what I did wrong. Everything went fine with Brad. It all worked out. But now he’s – it’s all –

Gottie: You think that he’s left you?

Rob: I don’t know. Not anymore. It’s one thing to leave me, but to leave the show, too?

Gottie: Did he know about LiveJournal? About me?

Rob: He knew everything. He has for a long time, and he was fine with it. That’s what makes this so confusing. He’s just vanished. His phone’s off, he’s not at his cottage out in the woods, his parents and sister haven’t heard a word from him. Brad has no idea where he could have gone either. He’s walked off the face of the earth. You were my last hope. If you don’t know where he is either, then . . .

Gottie: I’m sorry. I’ve been looking, but I can’t see any trace of him online. I wish I could help. But he’s out of my reach, wherever he is.

Rob: Just… get out of my house. If you can’t help me find him, then you’re no good to me.

Gottie: I’m sorry. I just wanted to help.

Rob: You’ve ruined my life over and over again. Why couldn’t you just let me have this one thing?

Gottie: I’m sorry. I’m leaving.

Rob: Please look for him. Use your – internet searches. Find him for me?

Gottie: I’ll do my best. I promise. [pause] May I use the bathroom?

Rob: [laughing] Sure, why not. Shit all over my toilet like you’ve shit all over my life.

Gottie: We both know it was the other way around, Rob.

[Footage ends]

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Anonymous Why does he call her Effie?

Anonymous what does this mean? What are they talking about?

Anonymous gottie was keeping so many secrets from us. Only she and rob know the truth about what’s really going on here.

juliefox they know each other?

Anonymous gottie has a hell of a nerve, streaming that online.

Anonymous what do we do now? Just wait and see if she posts in the comments again? I’ve been refreshing the twitch ever since the livestream ended but she’s just gone again.

Anonymous they found a body 3 hours ago:


The body of missing actor, Nathan O’Donnell, was discovered in his home this afternoon by LAPD officers. They were responding to a 911 call from an unnamed party, reporting a lead in the case.

O’Donnell has been missing since 23rd September, when he was last seen with housemate and fellow actor Rob Hennings, who offered a $10,000 reward for any information leading to his discovery. Both Hennings and O’Donnell had been filming the NBC TV show Loch & Ness at the time of his disappearance.

The police haven’t released any details about the cause of death or condition of the body. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family in this difficult time.

NBC have yet to make any statement about O’Donnell’s disappearance or death. More information as this story develops.


Anonymous why did his publicist keep posting after he went missing?! did they not wonder where he was??

Anonymous Autopsy said he’d been dead for two weeks (don’t ask how i got access to it pls)

Anonymous how long has it been since that fight he and rob had, that gottie heard?

Anonymous two weeks.


Anonymous don’t be so fucking stupid. ROB killed him after that fight. He was probably trying to stop him telling the police about the forged visa documents for Bradley Saffitz or w/e they were fighting about

Anonymous holy shit. that video of him where he pushed past a fan. was that taken just after he killed nathan??

Anonymous GOD this is like the worst creepypasta. He put the corpse in a cupboard? And then just carried on with his life? Did he sleep in the same house as it?

Anonymous He didn’t do it! He can’t have done! They were in love!


Actor Rob Hennings Detained by Police 

The LAPD took Robert Hennings in for questioning today, in the wake of the discovery of his housemate and fellow actor Nathan O’Donnell’s body in a cupboard in their LA home. The police have yet to release a statement regarding the situation, but it’s believed they are treating the case as a homicide.

Nathan O’Donnell’s sister spoke to press today, saying, “I’m in a state of shock. I can’t believe this is real. How can he be gone? He was the light of our lives. The whole family is devastated.”

Follow our live feed for more breaking news as this story develops.

Anonymous rob was….literally making an alibi. The anonyrat comments about the tv pilot prop documents. The cease and desist. He was trying to make excuses for the forgeries to remove his motive for killing nathan.

Anonymous holy shit, rob really murdered him?

Anonymous what the fuck? He read this essay, realised we were posting incriminating evidence of his crime, and he tried to put us off the scent with some DUMB COMMENTS?! What a useless murderer wow


Anonymous I got hold of the court documents filed w the warrant for rob’s arrest:

Case 2:13-cv-45524-PAD Document 4 Filed 08/10/18 Page 1 of 11


Nathan O’Donnell v Robert Hennings

On 6th October 2018, Margot Garcia discovered the body of one Nathan O’Donnell, a Caucasian thirty-four-year-old male, in a detached house owned by Robert Hennings in Los Angeles. The autopsy showed death by skull impact, estimated to have occurred on or after the 24th September 2018.

O’Donnell was last seen with Robert Hennings on the night of the 23rd September, allegedly engaged in a domestic dispute. Hennings has been arrested for murder after evidence was provided by Garcia to the California police. Garcia stands as primary witness.

Anonymous stop posting this shit on here!! you’re going to get us all arrested!!


Anonymous it’s been nearly a week since rob was arrested, with no news. what are we supposed to do?

Anonymous Hi! I’m Gottie’s sister. She’s safe, she just can’t post here right now. No reason for you to believe it’s really me, I guess, but I thought it was worth posting just in case this eased anyone’s concerns about her. – delia garcia

littlehucks do you know what’s going on with rob’s arrest?

Anonymous I can’t tell you anything about that, sorry. i’ll answer any other questions I can, though. – delia

Anonymous hi delia! I was wondering, did you know she was writing the essay at all?

Anonymous She didn’t tell us anything about you guys or this fandom until rob was arrested. I didn’t know she was so good at keeping secrets, haha. She was always on her laptop, but she told us that she was working on school assignments and college applications – delia

krypto6661 what did your parents say when they found out?

Anonymous Our parents are ……………… pretty mad. I think they are terrified because rob could have so easily killed her too.

mom doesn’t understand why gottie would just go off and investigate on her own, instead of asking for help.

I get it, though. There’s no way mom and dad would have let her go at all. They’d have just called the police to check rob’s house. Gottie wanted to see for herself. – delia

Anonymous what do you think of the essay, having read it now? And knowing what came of it?

Anonymous I legally can’t give any opinions on the content posted here, other than to say that…… I think Nathan and Rob were really dating. – delia

Anonymous is gottie at home right now?

Anonymous I can’t tell you that. sorry. – delia

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Gottie is a fangirl for Loch & Ness, a TV show about paranormal detectives. She’s convinced that two of the male actors are secretly dating, and she’ll stop at nothing to prove it. When her online investigations accidentally uncover far more than she expects, she becomes complicit in secrets beyond just a romantic conspiracy theory.

An internet thriller told in a ‘true crime’ style recollection of events, the novel includes social media extracts such as modern Tumblr posts and early-noughties LiveJournal blog entries.

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