Chapter 26 – New Evidence

@gottiewrites 20/10/18

Welcome back, guys. Okay. Hopefully that threw anyone off who shouldn’t be seeing this. I’m tracking the IP addresses of people who view this, and if someone views it who I don’t have logged as a reader who originally commented on the essay, I’m deleting everything.

After the police let me go, I went to a motel. In the middle of the night, I went to get something out of the trunk of my car. I’d hidden it under the spare tyre, just in case the police checked my car.

I shouldn’t have taken it. I want to give it back, but I don’t know how to do that now without getting in loads of trouble. They probably think that Rob destroyed it. I don’t know why he didn’t.

Nathan’s Cell Phone

Rob left Nathan’s phone in his jean pocket when he put the corpse in the cupboard. I know I shouldn’t have taken something from the scene of a crime, but I just had to know. I couldn’t not.

I’ve been investigating these two men for years. I was the only one paying enough attention to their movements to discover the body. I had the right to be the one to know the truth, not some random police officer. I would understand Nathan’s messages in a way that no one else would. I know him better than anyone else in the world.

It had a dead battery. The whole time I was charging it, I was waiting for a call from the police. I was sure they’d say they knew I’d taken something from the scene of a crime.

His pin was easy to guess – it was Rob’s birthday (this was actually how I got into Rob’s laptop too – the password was Nathan’s birthdate). I checked Nathan’s recent text messages first. He had one from Rob at 11.57 on the 23rd September, asking him to come home. That would have been an hour or so after the fight I overheard them have. Rob sent another message at 00.04 on the 24th, asking where he was.

The most recent text before that was from his agent, answering a question about merchandise rights. There was nothing else.

There is an old conversation I wanted to share:

Rob: we were on TMZ again

Nathan: what this time?

Rob: that hungover trip to walmart in our pjs

Nathan: that was like a month ago!

Rob: the checkout girl must have thought it was more subtle if she waited a while to sell the pics

Nathan: well that’s the last time I’m going back there.

Rob: but the other walmart is so faaaaar. I hate the freeway.

Nathan: I’ll drive you wherever you want to go

Rob: that’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever said to me, babe

Nathan: sweetheart I love you but your standards are so fuckign low

Rob: I mean…..YEP

It would be cute, if we didn’t know what Rob did to him.

I also found a very old voicemail from Rob, which Nathan had saved. You can listen for yourself here, but here’s a transcript:

Rob: Hi babe, pick up your phone! Also did Brad call me earlier? I have a missed call but his new number isn’t saved in my phone. If he needs more papers, tell him I’m home all day and tomorrow. Okay bye, get milk!  

The last thing I found was an unopened Snapchat photo from Rob. It disappeared after I saw it, so I can’t share a picture here. You’ll just have to take my word for it. It was a selfie of Rob frowning at the camera. The caption said ‘stop being so skittish, it’s gonna be fine. so sick of talking about brad all the time’.

In the back of the shot, there’s a golf club leaning up against the wall. This could be totally innocent, but its presence seems sinister to me – especially now we know that Nathan was killed by a blunt force to the back of the head.

According to the time stamp, the snapchat was sent only a few hours before I overheard them arguing in the office. Brad’s forgeries were causing a lot of conflict between Rob and Nathan in the time leading up to his death. It seems to me that it’s undeniable that this was the cause of their disagreement.

I have to go. I’ll try to post again soon.

– margot

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Anonymous this is so effed up. how did fans find out all this before the police?

lilithfatale I can’t believe that Rob would do that. He loves Nathan. That snapchat post with the golf club makes me feel sick.

krypto6661 I hate this. even the papers have started assuming that it’s rob. the press got wind of the brad visa theory too. here’s the latest from the Washington Post:

Fraud and Threats: What Does Rob Hennings tell us about Hollywood’s Criminal Underbelly?

For decades, blackmail, bribery and sexual favours have been rife in Hollywood. But nothing so scandalous as the recent death of actor Nathan O’Donnell, whose connection to the criminal underbelly of the city was his downfall.

The news about Rob Hennings and the late O’Donnell continue to surface, but recent information seems to suggest that the pair were allegedly involved in a forgery business, providing false documents to out-of-work actors.

Most recently, the LAPD released a statement to the effect that Bradley Saffitz, one of their alleged clients, was deported to the UK this week. This seems to substantiate the internet rumours that his documents were forged, however the LAPD refused to comment on these accusations.

O’Donnell’s death seems to have been linked to a dispute over these fraudulent documents, according to statements released by the police. Hennings is currently awaiting trial in a California state prison, where he will face charges of one count of murder and one count of fraud.

The police say that Hennings’ involvement in O’Donnell’s death is ‘undeniable’, and they have several key witnesses who ‘at great personal risk, have helped bring important evidence to light’. They haven’t released the names of any of the witnesses, but it is assumed that Margot Garcia, who discovered the body, will be present at the trial.

This isn’t the first time an actor has been caught dealing with the illegal side of business in LA. In 2014 . . .


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Anonymous I wrote a fic. I can’t handle any of this.

We’re broken but we’ll fix it



Rob made a mistake. But he’s going to fix it.

Nathan couldn’t breathe. That was all he knew, when he came around. He tried to draw in a breath, and it hurt in the back of his skull, a deep throbbing pain. He drew in another breath, panicking this time. He felt dizzy and the sides of his vision were dark and blurry.

The last thing he remembered was Rob –


“Nathan?” someone said, quiet and unsure.

He tried to speak, and a small noise came out that made him black out for a minute. He blinked, trying to open his eyes. “Mm?” he asked.

“You’re awake!” Rob said, and suddenly there was a wet cloth rubbing across Nathan’s eyes, and cool liquid dripping into his mouth.

Nathan was lying somewhere cool and white. Rob was sitting next to him, one hand wrapped around Nathan’s arm.

“Are you okay?” Rob asked.

Hurts,” Nathan said. He reached up to touch his head, but something tugged at the skin of his elbow. An IV. He dropped his arm.

“You’re on painkillers,” Rob said. “It’ll get better. Just wait for it to kick in.”

Nathan drew in another painful breath. “Wha – hap-”

Rob’s expression crumpled. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He curled over the hospital bed, resting his head on Nathan’s shoulder. “It was all my fault.”

Nathan made a noise, and touched Rob’s head with his free arm. His fingers felt thick and clumsy. He pushed them into Rob’s hair. Rob made a pained, horrified sound, deep in his chest.

“I’m so sorry, Nathan,” he said, in a choked voice. Nathan realised that he was crying.

He’d never seen Rob cry. Not even when he broke his toe in a mistimed stunt on set.

“Wha-” Nathan said, and then remembered, in a horrified rush. The fight. They’d fought. Nathan had been trying to call the police, and they’d shouted, and Rob had dived at him. He’d pushed him, and Nathan had fallen, and the back of his head had hit a golf club propped up against the wall, and –

Nathan pulled his hand from Rob’s hair, and touched his skull. The skin was sore and tender. He hissed.

Rob looked up at him, eyes red and damp. “I didn’t mean to do it. I just lost control.”

Nathan stared at him. He knew he should be angry, but looking at Rob’s miserable, guilty face, he couldn’t summon up the emotion. Everything hurt, and he just wanted Rob to hold him, to tell him that everything was going to be okay.

Nathan reached out and touched his cheek.

Rob collapsed against him, all tension disappearing from his body. “I thought I was too late. I thought I killed you.”

“Here,” Nathan said. “Love you.”

Rob sobbed again. “I love you too. I’m so sorry. I’ll never do anything like this again.”

Anonymous why the fuck would you write this? What the hell is wrong with you? THIS IS REAL. THIS ISN’T A TV SHOW. A real person actually murdered someone and you’re writing romantic fix-it fic about it? You can’t hurt/comfort your way out of this. Rob is a murderer and nathan is dead and it doesn’t matter if rob regrets it or feels guilty, because it happened and he should go to prison for the rest of his life.

tinyshaz where’s gottie? has she posted anything else yet?

Anonymous gottie when are you gonna tell us the truth? Rob’s a murderer, yeah, whatever. We want to know about YOU. Who are you, really? Are you a publicist? Are you related to Milly Garcia?

gottiewrites There’s no connection. Garcia is just a common surname.

Anonymous This may be useful – I’m a big Anya fan and I looked at my blog archives to see what she was up to on the night of the murder. I’m pretty sure she was staying at Brad’s apartment? The Anya community have suspected for a while that she’s dating Bradley Saffitz, and it looks like she was staying at his apartment on the 23rd September – she tweeted that day from the area of LA where he lives, not the one where she does. I wonder if she knew anything about the fight?

gottiewrites holy shit. You’re right – she’s acting as an alibi for Brad. I don’t follow anything about Anya (she kind of annoys me a lot) so I had no idea she was dating him. I wish I’d thought to check up on her sooner, I bet there would have been loads of useful stuff on her accounts.

In fact, I just checked, and she tweeted back in August that she was going out for dinner to celebrate good news with her boyfriend, because he’d just got approval to stay in the country for another year. If I’d been keeping an eye on it, I might have connected that with the visa case, back when we thought it was Nathan. Urgh.

RIAxoTT this is the weirdest case of gender inequality I’ve ever seen lol. Support women, gottie!! hack THEIR accounts too! Don’t be so sexist!

Anonymous when you are going to explain what was going on in that twitch livestream? What were you talking about with rob? Why did he know you?

gottiewrites password is the flower.

Anonymous password to what? What’s going on?

victoria the full stop is a link!!!

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An internet thriller told in a ‘true crime’ style recollection of events, the novel includes social media extracts such as modern Tumblr posts and early-noughties LiveJournal blog entries.

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