Chapter 29 – Anya Thomas and Bradley Saffitz


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Anonymous any comment from gottie yet?

juliefox nothing from her in ages.

Anonymous I’m still reading through the court transcripts. I thought this bit from anya’s testimony was interesting:

Anya Thomas: I solemnly state that the testimony I give in the case now pending before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Brandon: Miss Thomas, thank you for agreeing to stand as alibi for Bradley Saffitz. I know you’ve flown back from filming on a set in Hawaii.

Anya: It’s not a problem. I’m happy to help.

Q: Let’s get right to it, then, so you can get back to work. Where were you on the night of 23rd September 2018?

A: I was with Bradley Saffitz – my boyfriend – in my apartment.

Q: All night?

A: Yes.

Q: Did Saffitz receive any calls or texts that night?

A: He said that Nathan hadn’t replied to his messages. But Nathan was always forgetting his phone and going silent, so it didn’t seem weird at the time. Brad was just annoyed because he’d forgotten the Netflix password, so we couldn’t watch a movie.

Q: Did Saffitz seem worried at all? He had just had an immigration trial over his US Work Visa, isn’t that right?

A: That was around the 27th, 28th August. A month before. So it was all over by then.

Q: Were you aware of any involvement the victim or Hennings had during the court case for Saffitz’s visa?

A: I knew they turned up to support him. But I didn’t find out that Rob had forged legal forms for Brad until I read about it on gottiewrites. I was real mad that he didn’t tell me.

Q: How did you come across ‘gottiewrites’, the blog of Margot Garcia?

A: Oh, someone in the audience at a ComicCon panel mentioned her blog, so I checked it out that night.

Q: When would that have been?

A: Probably around 9th or 10th September. A few weeks after Brad’s visa review. I obviously didn’t realise that Gottie knew Rob in real life when I found it. I just thought she was a crazy fan.

I’d never seen anything like it – I was hooked. That night, I read everything she posted. I told the NBC publicists about it, but they just said we should leave her to it. Even though she claimed to have Rob’s address. They thought she was just making that all up. But Rob was really upset about it.

Q: Can you remember what he said?

A: He wanted it to be taken down immediately. Like, that same night in the hotel after ComicCon. He was absolutely livid. I tried to joke around about it, saying I wanted to read his old LiveJournal blog, but he just told me that obviously it wasn’t really his blog – and I was an idiot for believing her.

Q: How did Mr O’Donnell feel about the ‘gottiewrites’ blog?

A: He thought it was really funny. He texted his ex-wife to warn her that the paps might be after her again for a few weeks, because someone was stirring up ancient history online. But I don’t think he thought about it much beyond that.

Q: Did Hennings take any action against Miss Garcia that you are aware of?

A: I don’t know. I mean, I now know what he did because Gottie posted about the comments and stolen laptop and stuff later on. But at the time, I didn’t know he was doing anything.

Q: You were spending a lot of time together for filming at the time, isn’t that right? It didn’t seem strange that Hennings was so involved in the online blog?

A: Rob was always on his laptop between takes – that was nothing unusual. Plus, I was reading the new posts as they came out too. And it wasn’t even about me. Luckily. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that Gottie doesn’t care about me at all. She barely even mentions me in the blog. I feel very lucky to have escaped that.

Q: So you saw Rob doing things on his laptop, but you didn’t know he was posting comments on the blog? You didn’t discuss it again, after the night at ComicCon?

A: I guess I assumed Rob was reading it, and still angry that nobody was trying to stop Gottie. I didn’t think he was any more involved than that, though.

Q: Did you reach out to the police after Gottie started posting about breaking into the Hennings house?

A: I told the NBC publicists again. But before she posted saying that she’d broken in, Rob rang me to say that Nathan was missing. So the police already knew something had gone wrong by then.

Q: Did you connect the disappearance with the blog?

A: It seemed a little strange timing to me, that she would post about going there right after Nathan disappeared. So I mentioned the blog to the police when I gave a statement about where Brad and I had been on the 23rd. But I don’t think they realised it was connected. I didn’t really seriously think it was, either – it was just an offhand comment.

Q: How did Saffitz react to the news of the victim’s disappearance that night? Did he seem worried?

A: Nathan and Brad have been friends for over a decade. He’s used to Nathan going off the grid. So, no, he wasn’t worried. It was Rob that seemed very panicked about it.

Q: Were the visa case, income tax documents or immigration trial brought up by either Hennings or Saffitz during that time?

A: Not at all. Again, I had no idea Brad was linked to any of this until I read about it on gottiewrites. He didn’t realise himself until Rob told us what Gottie was going to uncover on his laptop. He told us that he would stop her posting them online. He was crazed.

Q: Do you believe that Rob’s behaviour during that time indicates an involvement in the death of O’Donnell?

A: What else could it have been except guilt? I’ve never seen Rob act like that. I can’t explain it in any other way. He had killed Nathan by accident, and didn’t know how to fix it.

Q: Did he seem angry at all? What was his state of mind?

Anya: Rob had been angry for weeks. I assumed it was about gottiewrites invading his privacy. But if he and Nathan were worried that she was going to reveal the visa situation, then he must have been stressed because of that too. They were both going through a lot – tensions were high. It’s easy to see how things got out of control.

Anonymous posting this here for anyone who (like me) has found themselves returning over the years. the few weeks this blog was active were such a weird, surreal time in my life. anyway i was reading the paper today and saw an interview with Brad!

The Guardian

Saffitz Who?


Bradley Saffitz has just been cast as the latest Doctor Who companion; he also won an Emmy for his performance as George Knightly in a new BBC miniseries adaptation of Emma last Christmas. Recently married to Marvel’s franchise lead Anya Thomas, they just announced the birth of their first child. The new darling of the BBC, and winner of the last series of Strictly Come Dancing, Saffitz is only going from strength to strength.

Yet only four years ago he was in a much darker place, having just been deported from the USA due to inconsistencies with his immigration documentation. Caught up in the middle of a homicide case, Saffitz found himself moving back in with his parents, having lost everything.

For the first time, Bradley Saffitz opens up about struggling to find roles in Hollywood, his late friend Nathan O’Donnell, the court case where he stood as witness against convicted murderer Rob Hennings, and life in the aftermath.

Firstly, congratulations on your daughter’s birth!

Thank you. Delilah is the love of my life, but I haven’t slept a wink since she was born.

If it’s not too painful to ask, what are your main memories of the time around Nathan O’Donnell’s death?

Pain. Stress. Disbelief. The whole thing came as a huge shock. I just couldn’t believe I’d lost my best mate. I didn’t want to accept that Rob could ever be responsible.

There have been rumours ever since his death that your legal documents were forged by Rob Hennings. Is there any truth to that?

I can say that Rob Hennings was known in certain circles for being able to provide anything that was required. I was sucked in by that claim. It’s the biggest mistake of my life.

Did Rob ever tell you how he got involved in forging legal documents?

He said that he got started working with a guy online, but he kept messing Rob around. He wouldn’t give him a fair share of the profits, so Rob started running his own independent business. He said that because he lived in LA, he could make contacts with people in real life, rather than having to risk posting anything on the dark web where it might be traced. He seemed smart. I believed that he would never get caught. If it hadn’t been for Gottie, I truly believe that no one would have ever found out what he was doing.

Do you believe that Nathan’s death was connected to a dispute over the forgeries?

Yes. I’ve spent a long time trying to convince myself that it wasn’t connected at all, but I’ve had to admit it to myself. They were fighting over me. Nathan died because of that.

How do you feel about your part in Nathan’s death?

Absolutely gutted. Guilt-stricken. He was my best friend. I would give anything to have him back. I wish neither of us had ever met Rob Hennings. He was trouble from the start.

Did you ever have any contact with the teenager fan who revealed the truth about Rob’s forgeries?

No. I don’t think it would be good for either of us to meet. Gottie is too tied up in everything. If she hadn’t been investigating Rob, then I strongly believe that Nathan would be alive right now. Rob was only fighting with him because she was stirring up all his secrets.  I’m not saying that it’s her fault, but I don’t think I could look her in the eye. Not now, not ever.

How has your relationship with fame and fandom changed since that time?

Well. I don’t go to Comicon anymore. Rabid fans make me nervous, but there are good and bad people in all communities. So I try not to hold any grudges. I just want people to respect mine and my wife’s privacy.

Have you been in contact with Rob since his sentencing?

I know that he’s sent letters to my agent, but I’ve asked her not to forward them on to me. Maybe one day I’ll be ready to talk to him, but not yet. Perhaps not ever.

Anonymous I just read about the Hennings trial online and had to track you down to tell you something. I used to be the assistant for an NBC exec. I heard alllll the gossip when I was there, and at the time a friend who was a runner on set told me they had heard a rumour about one of the producers who was casting Loch & Ness.

Apparently this producer was in the middle of a very expensive and harrowing divorce. His wife wanted to keep the villa in Hollywood, and get custody of both kids and the pug, and it was dragging out the settlement and costing loads of money.

Then, all of a sudden, the custody battle disappeared. The producer had found some kind of evidence that his wife had been embezzling money from him for years. He had all the proof – bank statements in her name, wire transfers to international accounts, records of purchases for expensive shoes and handbags taken directly from his savings.

The divorce went through, and a week or so later, the producer announced that this newcomer, Rob Hennings, who didn’t even have a talent agent, was going to be playing the lead role in NBC’s big new pilot. It came out of nowhere – there weren’t even any open auditions, and my friend said the casting director didn’t even get to see Hennings run a scene. It was all very strange, but Hennings nailed the script read and chemistry tests, so he got the part.

Now, I just thought that Hennings had good connections, but this is all making me think. What if it was bribery? Hennings could have forged the evidence to get rid of the producer’s wife, in exchange for being picked for the role of his dreams.

He was obsessed with Loch & Ness, and he was probably bored after he ran out of ways to spend his bitcoin millions. There’s only so much weed one person can buy in a lifetime.

Plus, we know he already had links to the Hollywood studios – he used to work for their law departments during his internship, filing cease and desist notices for their copyright infringements. It’s possible he was invited to the same sorts of parties as the producers and executives.

I can easily imagine an opportunity to offer his services presented itself when a lawyer and a producer at a party were trading condolences about their ongoing divorces.

Rob is handsome and charming, after all. They might have let him have a shot at an audition, just to see how it went. It was an easy favour to give, in exchange for getting rid of the wife.

So, that’s your answer, I guess. That’s what he was doing with all that money and time. He was getting his dream job.

Anonymous I do not buy this at ALL. Get out of here. how would a conversation like that even go? “hi I wanna bribe you to be on your show, are there any illegal documents I can forge for you? I promise I’m not an undercover cop”. Rob was just lucky and talented. this is idle workplace gossip.

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  1. Okay so I think that someone knew about Rob’s business and talked about it with the producer who then contacted Rob who decided that instead of money, he wanted a favour. As they say, it’s all about contacts and who you know. Also what a weird story from start to finish, oh boy.

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